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Plant Medicine Journeys

Hypnotherapy Assisted  & Trauma Informed

If you would like some gentle space holding and energetic protection on your next deep journey in to self using this supportive tool, send me a message.

I do not touch people, direct, or insert myself in the process. I am an energetic caretaker and grounded protector, entering the process without ego. I also provide aftercare in the form of integration support (talking through what came up, guidance on how to keep the healing process going)

I'm here for you.

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My Video explaining the importance of set & setting

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1) Why do you offer this?


My grandfather and every ancestor before him were the village healers and medicine keepers. This work is in my DNA and I'm honored 🙏 to share the energy with you.

I was called in to this work by a Somatic Therapist who requested that I help support a group journey she was facilitating. From that point, people started requesting that I sit with them privately. I met all these requests with openness and now offer these sessions through referral or through people who are meant to find me. 

2) I have had a difficulty experiences with plant medicine before, what should I do?

Consider whether Hypnotherapy might be a better option to complete the experience. I had a client a few years ago who had a very confusing mushroom journey in a group setting. They felt dark forces were in the space and had influenced the group to behave in confusing ways. This left them feeling helpless, ungrounded, and incomplete. I did a hypnosis regression back to the time and place right before the mushrooms were taken. From this space, they were able to safely re-live the scene as a neutral observer, and get every lingering question answered. This allowed for a gentle psychological and energetic completion of the experience. They went from worried and confused, to peaceful and confident. Psychedelic integration through hypnosis can be a valuable part of aftercare for a plant medicine journey. We are also able to decipher lessons from the plant and develop strategies to keep the healing going in our new post-journey lives.  

3) Where are sessions held?

Sessions can be held in your home if you are in or near Toronto and have a quiet, private space (no interruptions or noise). Your nervous system is often most comfortable in your own home. If you do not have a private space, please email me for options in the west end of Toronto. 

4) What is the process to book?

We have a call on Zoom or by phone to ensure we are both a good fit for each other. If we move forward, we would go through a process of a few personal intake questions. Please note that I may bring in a co-facilitator at an additional set cost if required. 

5) How is Hypnotherapy a part of the session?


My role is to hold the space for your own personal journey, however many clients find it helpful to have me ensure they stay with their intention for the journey (instead of getting 'lost in rainbows' as one client put it). I also use Hypnotherapy techniques to gently guide people to specific events or traumas that they request be processed or released. My approach is trauma informed, and the experience is always therapeutic, safe, and gentle. I do not intervene or interfere in the flow of the session unless someone has requested that they have help staying 'on track' with their intention. I may also use gentle inquiry to assist people with staying with their intention. We can discuss this in more detail on a call.

6) How long is the session and what is the cost?

Sessions are 5 hours and the cost is $500. The consultation call, follow-up/integration support, and any travel time/costs are included as my gift of service. 

7) What is Integration Support?

Integration is the most important part of any journey, make sure any provider you work with offers this. I offer support via text and email after your session and a 1 hour call on zoom or via phone to discuss anything that came up and how to apply the learning and healing in your life. Without guidance, the process can be overwhelming. A well-structured process has the potential to enhance your personal growth.


Please use the form below if you have any additional questions.

Let's work together!

I will be in touch!

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