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Single Online Session

Profound shifts can happen in just one session.
We will clear an old pattern, issue, or painful experience in this 2 hour session.

"The session felt like puzzle pieces clicking into place. I’m so grateful for the insights gained."

-Misha Lee, Breathwork Teacher
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​Four Week Personalized Program

Getting you ready for healthy love!

I've been in your shoes, trapped in the same cycle of toxic relationships. But then, something clicked within me. I realized that heartbreak doesn't have to be the end—it can be the beginning of a healing journey and becoming a match for healthy love.

Loving ourselves, healing our emotional wounds, setting boundaries, breaking trauma bonds, and doing the healing work after a toxic relationship is a radical declaration of self love.

I use a combination of gentle Hypnosis, Rapid Resolution Therapy® and Somatic Coaching

Ready to become a vibrational match to healthy love?

Maybe You're Still...

  • Regretting the fact that you had to beg for the bare minimum.

  • ​Wondering if you perceived things wrong / overreacted, or if they really happened or not.

  • Feeling shame for staying and accepting breadcrumbs and wondering whether they ever had real feelings for you

  • Fantasizing that you missed out on something special based on their potential 

  • ​Questioning your self-worth after tolerating bad behavior


I'll How You How To...

  • Finally forgive yourself for tolerating and begging for the bare minimum.

  • ​Listen to and trust your intuition while differentiating it from fear

  • Embody healthy self-worth as you stop accepting breadcrumbs and raise your standards

  • Stop fantasizing about potential and make decisions based on who they are in the present

  • ​Find relief from the toxic shame of tolerating bad behavior, as you start to assert boundaries that protect you


And the benefits don't stop there! 


Not only will healing your heart improve your love life, but it will also have 

a positive impact on other areas of your life.


In the workplace, you'll be better equipped to set boundaries, assert yourself, 

and even ask for a raise with confidence. 


With family members, you'll learn not to personalize their behavior and recognize generational trauma patterns so that you can break the cycle. 


In friendships, you'll become skilled at setting boundaries and pinpointing harmful behavior, ensuring that you surround yourself with supportive and nurturing connections. 


Lastly, in all types of relationships, you'll feel empowered to speak up for your needs and create a strong foundation for creating amazing relationships that love and support you.

So, if you're ready to break free from feeling hurt, stuck and confused and become the best version of yourself, let's work together!

"Sabrina is very tuned in and gives practical action steps to take.

She is like a combination of life coach, business coach, and relationship coach. She is grounded and compassionate and creates a safe comfortable space.


She helped me feel more empowered to make changes I know I need to make" 


- Erica Mary Johnson



Dealing with the constant tug-of-war between loneliness and overthinking can make you feel like you're about to crawl out of your skin. 


Those nagging questions like 'Did I overreact?' or 'What if it's all my fault?' can haunt you, while the temptation to peek at your ex's social media only adds fuel to the fire.


But here's the thing—I've been exactly where you are. 


As someone who has personally walked the painful path of healing after narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships, I truly understand just how tough it is to let go and heal. 

My mission: to help women heal so they can become the best version of themselves.

Say goodbye to the cycle of painful relationships and hello to the most beautiful love you've ever experienced, with yourself and others!


4 Week Personalized Program
Investment: $818

  • Sessions are weekly (up to 2 hours) and booked according to your schedule


  • Rapid Resolution Therapy® to quickly overcome old traumas, patterns & triggers

  • Coaching with practical tools, uplifting support, encouragement and validation

  • A clear plan with guidance, next steps, & accountability to reach your goals

"I really loved working with you. I really appreciated the extra resources and tools you shared in addition to the sessions. 


I have been feeling pretty great lately and definitely grateful for the changes I am seeing from the work we did together :) "


Where are sessions held? 

All sessions are held online through Zoom.

How will I know this will work for me?

A coaching investment is a way to guarantee a personal commitment and that you follow-through with the transformations you deserve. People who work with me experience deep breakthroughs, powerful changes and sustainable results because I empower you to show up for yourself by teaching you powerful tools and techniques I have spent over a decade mastering. Read more of my results under 'Testimonials'

How is this different from Psychotherapy?


Licensed therapists are trained to diagnose and treat mental illness, trauma, depression, and other mental health issues that may be impacting your life. I believe we are not our diagnosis, and work with you to achieve goals, improve relationships, identify obstacles, and bridge the gap between where you are now and the future you envision for yourself.

What can I expect in a session?

You can expect that every session we will dig deep, beneath the surface of who you believe and present yourself to be. And uncover the “why” and “when” behind your deep-rooted beliefs about yourself that are blocking your transformation and keeping you stuck. My sessions are profound and transformative.

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More Questions? Contact Me:

I will be in touch!
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