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Energetics of People Pleasing

A free online workshop to reclaim your energy

 Wednesday November 15th, 2023 

 7pm - 8pm EST 


Presented by Sabrina Sundari,
Recovering People Pleaser & Teacher

This workshop will give you an understanding of how people pleasing is a life force energy leak, and how to RECLAIM your energy and power. 

People pleasing causes a 'freeze' in the nervous system, where we are stuck in contraction internally. As a way to re-establish safety internally, people pleasers push all their focus externally and attune to other people. 

Learn the energetic dynamics of this pattern, and how you can begin to soften your nervous system and transcend old people pleasing patterns.


This work is the beginning of leaning inward toward joyous optimism and a nervous system that has more capacity for joy,  new experiences, and new relationships.

We will cover:

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This workshop is FREE if you attend live.

Replays will only be available for purchase through my website for $22

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