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Hello! I'm Sabrina

I help people heal from trauma and enjoy emotional Freedom.


Through gentle somatic and subconscious healing, they are finally able to reclaim their power & boundaries.


I'm a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Holistic Life Coach, and am also trained in Rapid Resolution & Somatic Therapy.

Strengthening Boundaries - An Energetic Practice

Many of us grow up learning to please others, to give up our personal space to ensure others are OK before we take care of ourselves.


We violate our personal space and drop our boundaries in order to avoid offending others, maybe we walk on eggshells attempting to keep the peace, forgetting we are betraying ourselves in the process.


This practice helps us to learn how to improve our sense of self and how to set boundaries.

Watch Video Below:

Signs & Symptoms

Go through these questions to help you better understand  yourself (and be compassionate!)


1. Do you struggle with saying “no” to others even when you want to?


2. Is it difficult for you to ask for what you want and need?


3. Do you often feel like you don’t want to “bother” anyone or be a burden?


4. Does it feel easier to take care of other people than to take care of yourself?


5. Do you have a hard time making decisions?

6. Are you frequently unsure about what you think or how you feel about important things?


7. Are you often overwhelmed by your emotions?


8. Do relationships fee; one-way or that you seem to give more than you receive?


9. Do other people’s are sad or angry, do you try to figure out what you did wrong?


10. Has anyone borrowed something from you and can't ask them for it back or to repay you?


If you’re thinking, “Yes, this is me!” check out the video below to get more clarity around your personal boundaries and things you can do to begin to empower yourself.

Take a Boundary Inventory

• Where are you a pushover? When do you feel taken advantage of?

• Are you super rigid in any area of your life?

• Are you often too understanding about someone’s unacceptable behavior?

• Do you find yourself making excuses for other people?

• Do you accept when people avoid taking responsibility for their own actions?

• Make a list of the people and circumstances in your life where you do this.

Get it out of your mind - Journaling

Think through situations where you wish that you had handled things differently. Make a list of past experiences that still produce feelings of anger, guilt, or shame.


What do you wish you would have done?


How could you have handled it differently?


How might you handle a similar situation in the future?


Option: If you don't like writing, you could record yourself on your phone.

Start Practicing!

Make a list of the high priority (feels scary) and low priority (safer) people in your life.

Start practicing a healthy boundaries with the low priority people first. Expressing and exercising your boundaries is a skill and it takes practice, but starting with the people who aren’t in the front row of your life is much less threatening.

It’s ok for you to ease into this. The more you do it, the easier it gets!

Want some more support? Book a free call with me or book a session where we can do in to the deeper causes of why you can't set boundaries and help you strengthen them!

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