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"I was able to uncover the root cause of some debilitating fears. Since then, my perception a have changed. I feel so empowered. - Josiane Laplante, Health Coach

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My experience with Journeying into healing trauma, integrating with my inner childhood self, gaining sacred knowledge, and overstanding is more than I can explain.  Words like amazing seem like an understatement.  I am eternally grateful, blessed, and honored to have been brought to you. I have been sharing you with everyone I know. - Jess.S


Sabrina fosters a deep sense of care and safety, comfort, and trust that allows you to open up completely. She helped me to navigate my past and present and tap into the hidden wisdom of my inner self. My experience was intensely emotional and cathartic as I found the answers to questions that had kept me stuck in an endless loop. I’m deeply grateful to have been able to benefit from her wisdom, grace, and skill. - Diane Plivelic


I had an incredible experience during my session. The session helped me better understand myself and what needs to be done to stay focused, and aligned with my goal and passion. - Robert ,

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Sabrina is without a doubt one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She has provided me with great insights and guidance. Could not recommend more  - Chris Marsh


Sabrina is a lovely welcoming and friendly spirit. She has the ability to easily calm my nerves. I gained a lot of personal insights and clarity out of the experience & was able to make some major break throughs in healing past trauma. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to heal with her. - Sarah


"I would highly recommend Sabrina for a hypnosis session. She created a very safe and comfortable environment where she made sure any and all of my questions were answered. During my session, she had a wonderful tool kit available to help me connect to what I needed to connect to and release what I needed to." - Tori Oalaso


"I'm grateful to have gone through this process with you.  Our session gave me a lot of clarity and insight. I will be sure to keep you updated about my progress throughout the coming months. I'll be in touch for another session when the time comes, as well."


"I want to express with love, gratitude, and my deepest appreciation for Sabrina being my Spirt Guide in physical form to help me in this life. She helped me unlock answers to all my questions, and gain such beautiful knowledge."  - Jessica S. 

 🙏🏽 for helping me unhook from a pattern, it felt life-affirming and empowering to have someone witness my human lessons and validate my intuition :) I look forward to working together in future.

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